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Established 2016

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Generally About Us

Located in historic downtown Luther, Oklahoma, 116 Market & Table is a farm to table restaurant and farmer’s market providing locally sourced beef and poultry, cheeses, eggs, fruits and vegetables, grains, and a multitude of other farm to market products. We offer a healthful, tasty breakfast and lunch alongside a wide gluten-free menu. Kids will enjoy their own farm to table menu and creative-play area while you sit at a handcrafted railcar plank bar with friends or sink into a couch or high back chair with books from our community bookshelf. For those less Luddite, we offer complimentary wi-fi.

The 116 also offers event space, meeting rooms, and office suites at affordable, utility-inclusive rates for use and lease on short-term and longer basis. Availability includes space for private dinner parties and an artist’s studio large enough for group music, art, and similar classes.


116 Info & Events

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In the 116 Market, you'll find locally and outwardly sourced, fresh and natural meats, cheeses, fruits and produce. From all natural, beef, chicken, eggs, and dairy products, crisp lettuce and greens, red ripe tomatoes, and an assortment of other produce, fruits and nuts, the Market is your source for local grocery shopping.

Looking for a meal-ready box like a traditional Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) or meal in a mason jar? The Market can meet these needs as well. Come visit us, take a look around, enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat before or after your grocery shopping.


The 116 Table is set and ready for you to join us in a relaxed cafe environment with complimentary wi-fi. We offer a great menu:

  • Locally roasted coffees either brewed, poured or pressed
  • Brewed sweet and unsweet tea, and hot teas
  • Delicious breakfast menu
  • Tasty lunch menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches
  • Complete kids menu
  • Numerous gluten-free selections
  • Bakery and dessert choices

Community Space and Event Hosting

We designed the 116 as a community space, offering meeting areas, a large studio for a variety of uses, single offices and office suites, and private dining events. Spaces are presently available for lease.

Who we are and what we value

A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other's lives. It is the knowledge that people have of each other, their concern for each other, their trust in each other, the freedom with which they come and go among themselves.

- Wendell Berry

We are a community of folks who value the land and people around us. We opened the 116 as a space to offer locally sourced products and meals (some more local than others) balanced with the needs of our community.

Making the Mural

In 2015 we commissioned renowned artist Bob Palmer to create a visually beautiful and meaningful frontispiece to the 116. Inspired by Works Progress Administration art work and the rich history of Luther, we are pleased to display daily the work of art Bob produced for the 116. The mural tells the story of Luther, from frontier town during the Land Rush days to the present rediscovery of Luther's goodness.

Luther Register

Founded in Luther, Oklahoma, Oklahoma County, in 1899, the Register was published and edited by G. W. Baer. The Register was a weekly coming out on Fridays at $1.00 per year for the 4 pages. At the beginning, the paper measured 15 by 22 inches, but changed over time to 13 by 20 inches featuring eight pages. It continued until 1907 when circulation was 500, but the editors and publishers were now the Mitchell Brothers and the size increased to 8 pages. The paper was Republican in politics. In November of 1906 the Mitchell Brothers sold the paper to J. W. Sarjent, and his son, E. Sarjent, became the editor.
Source: http://gateway.okhistory.org/explore/collections/LUTHER/

After years of being without a local paper, the Luther Register was revived in 2015 by local journalist Dawn Shelton. Today, Dawn Shelton is the owner, editor, and publisher of the Luther Register. Read up on all the relevant local news and opinion at www.lutherregister.news.


116 Farmstead Catering & Rentals

At 116 Farmstead Market & Table, we love our “common table.” It’s a setting that provides a gathering place for friends, family, business associates or anyone to enjoy a delicious meal in a comfortable setting.

We built our restaurant in historic downtown Luther based on the principles of preparing delicious food with the freshest ingredients, grown by our neighbors on local farms when seasonal. Our food is made by people who love to cook, bake and serve.

Our table can also come to you. The 116 Farmstead Catering service offers a team of experienced caterers to help you create tantalizing menus to help feed your crowd - whether it’s a wedding for 150 guests, a corporate retreat or a rowdy family reunion.

There are several beautiful event venues in Luther, but we also will travel with delivery and pickup services. 

In addition to our catering, we offer a farm-style selection of tableware - including vintage dishes, flat ware, cloth napkins and stemware. To make your table complete, we also offer floral design and decor. 

The important thing is to gather. Let 116 Farmstead Market & Table supply the provision of delicious food, service and design.

Menu & Beverage Selections

Below are a few photos of sample menu selections for your catered event. We can tailor the meal and beverage service to your needs, from light snacks, dessert trays, and salad samplers to meat and cheese trays to full plated meals. We also offer coffee and tea service, along with cash bar, wine or beer service.


Floral Arrangements & Decor

Through 116 Farmstead, we can provide customized floral arrangements and décor for your reception, event, or party.


Rentals & Pricing

While every event is unique, we can provide some basic rental ideas and pricing. The 116 Farmstead space is available to rent by the hour outside of normal business hours (Tues.-Thurs. 7 a.m. to 2p.m., Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 7a.m. to 2p.m.) starting at $75/hour with additional charges depending on your service and tableware needs. Or, let us come to you with catered meals, beverages, desserts, and dishware. We offer service options from customer pick up at 116 to full set up and service at your location.

Please click here for our catering info sheet for individual items and additional pricing information.

Please click here for our bakery info sheet for individual items and additional pricing information.

Contact us to schedule a time to sit, have a cup of coffee or tea and coordinate your event.

Find & Contact Us

Please feel free to stop by and take a look around.


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116 S. Main
Luther, Oklahoma 73054
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PO Box 802
Luther, Oklahoma 73054
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